Save time and money by automating your dictation / document workflow

The iVano365 Digital Workflow Management System saves time and money by automating your dictation / document workflow, delivering files immediately to the appropriate secretary or typing pool.

Admin and Authors can instantly see the status of all dictations and documents.

Dictate on the go with iVano Dictate, this smartphone app enables busy professionals to dictate and upload directly to iVano 365. (Available for Apple and Android devices.)

The iVano Uploader automatically uploads dictation to your iVano 365 account from hand held digital recorders once connected to your PC.

Upgrade easily from cassette based systems.

iVano 365 is compatible with your existing digital dictation system.

Why you need a Dictation Workflow Management System (DWMS).

 A standard dictation / transcription system is normally used in an office environment and dictations are uploaded to a dictation management system for someone to type into a document. This works well but it’s restricted to use in the office.

To get round this shortfall, some dictations are emailed as an attachment into the system which is, at best, unwise due to the nature of email and the sometimes-sensitive nature of the content included in it.

Cloud-based DWMS, like iVano365, free your dictation management from the office, allowing anyone to work securely from home, office, or a hybrid of the two.

iVano365 works alongside existing digital dictation management systems allowing users to upload dictation securely to their dictation system from anywhere with internet access. This can be via the “iVano Dictate” smartphone app or by connecting your dictation device to your computer. Once uploaded the file can be retrieved for typing or actioning. Completed documents can be uploaded for the author to review or sign.


  • Image of a person working at a computer desk
    Flexible Working, work from anywhere inc. home or office
  • Image of documents
    Eliminate unnecessary admin
  • Image of a time clock
    Streamline your workflow
  • Image of a man illustrating increased productivity.
    Increase productivity
  • Image of a piggy bank
    Save money
  • Illustration of calendar
    View your dictation progress
  • image illustrating cassette tape.
    No searching for dictation on a tape
  • Image illustrating bottle neck
    Eliminate dictation bottlenecks

Pricing / Tiers

Cost per User

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£15 per month + VAT
Unlimited file uploads

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What our clients say about iVano

Mr Peter Lamb, Hernia Surgery Scotland and Weight Loss Surgery Scotland, Consultant Surgeon:

iVano has been a great development for my practice. It is easy to use and has allowed my secretary and I to work flexibly and remotely in a secure way. It has sped up communication with patients and GPs and means I always have access to patient letters to answer queries. It is also GDPR compliant.

It has been a real step forward for my practice.


Mr Bruce Tulloh, Weight Loss Surgery Scotland, Consultant Surgeon

It is an excellent system, easy to use and upload dictation and documents. It has improved communications enormously and I am happy to recommend it.


Dr Lisa Harrow, Psychologist, Spire Murrayfield

I can only say good things - it's the most efficient system I've used, brilliant to be able to use an app and very easy to use. So, from my end of things there are no criticisms.